Learning moderation

Oh guys. I went missing for a week because I feel like life is exploding around me—and that makes me want to crawl under the covers and stay there. It was a much needed breather.

Some of the “explosions” are good things:

  • We’re moving in 3.5 months and the packing has begun.
  • A new term has begun at work, so I’m very busy.
  • I’m losing weight.

Some of the “explosions” suck:

  • The beginning of returning to calorie counting isn’t fun. Very little is intuitive yet, but it will get better.
  • My left foot is unhappy. I am 95% sure it’s a stress fracture.

I’ll be back to talk about that stress fracture in a different post. I’m still processing it and to be frank, I’m pretty sad and disappointed.

But in this post I do want to talk about weight loss!


You would think that being a personal trainer and runner would be enough to ensure against gaining back the weight I lost in college…but it’s not. If you reengage in bad habits, the weight will come back on. And as of two weeks ago I was up 15 pounds from my goal weight. 15 pounds! How does that happen to someone who is so interested in fitness and health?

Here’s how:

  • Portions that are eyeballed and too big.
  • Too many carbs…
  • To much processed food and not enough fresh fruit/veggies
  • Going all out during vacation.
  • Not knowing what moderation really is…

The last one was my inspiration for the new blog name. It’s a theme I’ve seen throughout my entire life—practicing moderation is difficult for me, so I give up on it and continue with my extremist ways. (And the extremist path doesn’t work, in case you are wondering.)

I’ve decided to set off on a journey to find moderation in my life. Moderation in eating well, but enjoying treats. Moderation in exercising, but not killing myself with workouts. Moderation with sleeping enough, but not too much. Moderation in every aspect of my life.

As for the food, I am back to counting calories to get these 15 pounds off. On Monday I weighed in –1.32 pounds less than the week before, which I was psyched about. Truly, though, I am just looking to keep moving in the right direction and not obsess over any number. I am not looking for a quick fix. My goal is to lose this weight slowly and learn healthy food habits that I can take with me into maintenance.

I weigh in on Monday mornings, so I’ll be sure to update you on my progress.


Please leave a comment! I love hearing your thoughts.

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