Learning from my mistakes

Today I made one of the biggest rookie mistakes when it comes to running—not eating before you run. I should have known better, right.

I woke up and ate around 10 this morning and had a simple protein shake (just powder+water) at 12. I finally got myself out the door at 1:30. Just a little ways into my run I could feel that I had NO energy. Feeling like my legs were weak and my blood sugar had bottomed out totally. So instead of being an idiot, I stopped at 1 mile and walked the rest of the way home to eat lunch.

I’ll try again in the morning.

Today’s failed run just reminded me of something I’ve had on my mind lately—I am horrible at taking care of myself in regards to food. I’ve struggled with food and my relationship with food for most of my life and I continue to struggle. Whereas I was once at my ideal and “happy” racing weight, I am now 15 pounds up from that. And I feel it everyday. I’m very focused on and committed to losing this weight before we move in August. It’s not only important for me as a runner, but it’s also important for my health and my self-confidence.

This isn’t going to become a weight-loss or food blog—nope… still very much a running and fitness blog, but I might pop in from time to time with an update on how things are going…

Hold me accountable!

First up, relearning portion sizes and counting my calories.



  1. You should check out the book “Racing Weight” it is really helpful with all of these things that you discussed. I battle the same too, although at this moment I have no problem eating.

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