Good to be back

Hello friends. After a week-long vacation in Okinawa (the Southern-most islands in Japan), I’m back home and jumping right back into my daily routines.

Okinawa was a lot of fun, but didn’t quite live up the the tropical paradise I had envisioned.


Nevertheless, I did make it to the beach one day to hang out on the sand. It was still a little too cold for swimming, though. And I got a pedicure. A real one. :)

Today was back to workouts. We did a lot of walking on vacation, which made my feet ache, but I didn’t do any structured workouts. The last time I posted, I mentioned ankle pain and had decided to take a few weeks off. It’s been two weeks and my ankle seems to be feeling okay.


I went for a really short run this morning (feel are still a bit tired from SO MUCH WALKING) and didn’t notice any pain. Not sure if the lack of pain is from taking time off or not—we got massages while we were on vacation and the masseuse really worked my feet good. I had been struggling with ankle pain earlier that day, but haven’t noticed it again since the massage. Score!


Something I thought about a bit while we were on vacation and I was taking my running break was the issue of barefoot running. At this point I have two competing desires: I want to become a barefoot runner (via the Vibram Fivefingers) but I also want to train for a fall marathon that I’m registered for. I honestly do not feel I can safely do both. I know my body well enough to know how far I can push it.

At the end of the day the marathon is more important to me. So I’m back in running shoes and going to buy a new pair for when training officially begins in mid-June.

In the meantime, I’m going to begin slowly building some base miles and pray my body holds up well.



  1. Good luck with your training! I am far from an expert on shoes or marathon training. However, I am in a similar situation. Are you familiar with the Newton shoes? They might be a good option instead of the Vibrams. From what our running shoe store guy told me, they are designed to teach you (help you) forefoot strike. There is a lot more cushion than what you’d find in a Vibram, but the end result could be similar. He also said to take about 5 weeks to ease into the shoe (otherwise you could get calf or achilles pain). I’m thinking about getting a pair to add to my shoe rotation. I have several friends who have done the same. It might be a good mid step if you don’t want to risk the Vibrams but want to take a step in that direction. Happy running!

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