Reminder to self: your body likes yoga

Got in a great yoga practice yesterday—and boy did my body need it. By the fifth or sixth downward facing dog my legs were feeling so much happier. to the rescue, as always.

With running off the table for today (darn 3 day max. for the week), I found myself unsure of what else to do… so I yoga-ed again. I just like moving and yoga gets that done for me.

I really do love yoga and I’m not sure why I don’t commit to it on a more regular basis. Actually keeping myself focused on the yoga is sometimes a challenge, but my body, mind, and running ALWAYS benefit from yoga. I’m promising myself to look into actual studios once we get settled in Ann Arbor (but that’s still months away). I’ve never practiced in a studio, but I am eager to try.

Today’s practice was especially fun because there was lots of balance poses. I love balancing poses! They remind me of being a kid and playing, again.

Yesterday’s practice was Yoga for Runners and today’s was Hot-Power Fusion #1, in case anyone wants to try these classes. I highly recommend both, although the hot-power yoga is my favorite.

As I was practicing, I realized how badly I need a pedicure—as in so badly that I’m not showing any photos today because I don’t want you to see the nail polish that should have been removed weeks ago—so I’m going to take care of that this evening after work.

If you use yogadownload classes, please recommend some of your favorites to me!


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