Just a run

Remember yesterday when I felt about the prospect of running today? Yeah, a night of poor sleep sure killed that enthusiasm. But nevertheless, I woke up and ran this morning.

4.5 miles garmin

I think that’s how I know I’m a real runner—even when I don’t actually want to get out the door and run, I still do it and most of the time I try to do it with a smile on my face. Most of the time.

Today was a long run of 4.5 miles and I kept the pace very, very slow to work on my form. Not an earth-shatteringly great run, but it wasn’t bad either. Some runs are just that—runs.

After my run today I had Jeremy take a few videos of my current foot striking with the Vibrams. I was surprised to see I’m landing quite flat footed (rather than on my mid-foot and then letting the heel down gently), so I still have some form work to do.

Here are the videos:

Me running in Vibram Fivefinger Bikilas

I’m ending this week with 12.5 miles and four days of running. My ankle was still a little cantankerous during today’s run, so I’m pulling myself back to only three days of running next week and maybe a little less mileage to see how it feels.


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