Thank God for rest days

Today I’m feeling very thankful for a rest day.


Very, very thankful.

Between Wednesday’s speed work, Thursday’s yoga, and yesterday’s “shake out” run my legs are pretty rundown. My hamstrings are so tight they feel like they might snap in two at any moment—which is why my morning started with lots of ragdolls and forward bends.

My ankle has also been very grumpy this week. Not injury-grumpy, but sore and still-adjusting-to-barefoot-running-grumpy, for sure. I’ve been icing it off and on and I’m letting it rest today just to be safe.

I’m planning on 4.5 slow miles tomorrow morning and I’m feeling very excited. I love the place that I’m at with running—where I look forward to weekend long runs and wake up anxious each day that I get to run, wanting to get out the door in the morning and go. I know this puppy love-like feeling won’t last forever and will almost certainly die with the beginning of marathon training, so I continue to feel thankful everyday I wake up and still feel this way.

Taking real rest days (not active rest days) is still tough for me. I love running. I love yoga. I love moving. But some days my body just needs a break. And today is one of those days. Cue back-to-back Grey’s Anatomy episodes and a long bath.


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