Need more yoga

Today’s dilemma: yoga or swim?

Now, generally this isn’t a hard question to answer—I’d rather do cardio than resistance/strength/stretching any day. Hands down. But, I forced myself to really think about what would do my body greater good today. I knew the answer was yoga because I’ve been seriously lacking on my strength training and stretching.

And yes, I do believe yoga counts as strength training—you’re moving your own body weight around and holding it in positions which not only elongate and stretch your muscles, but contract them isometrically.

So, today I yoga-ed.


And it was hard, I can’t lie. The shoulder presses in particular were killer.

Side note: I was obsessed with Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior DVD a little over a year ago, but somehow forgot about it. I think this needs to be a weekly workout. I really want to be able to do all the advanced poses the girls do! Actually, I just need to include more yoga in general because that’s strength training I can get excited about.



  1. I always count yoga as strength training! I really hate anything that isn’t running or cardio but I have discovered Pilates and Bikram yoga really do it for me because they’re faster paced and feel a bit more “athletic” to me.

    1. I feel the same way. Actually I don’t have much experience with Pilates, but I should look up a few videos. Any recommendations?

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