Trial and error speed training

This morning I woke up ready to run.

giddy to run

Normally it takes me a little while to eat breakfast and actually get myself ready to leave the apartment and run. But today I was quick because I was excited to run. Never mind the fact that I just ran yesterday and I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel once I actually started moving.

One of the areas where I’ve been majorly slacking with running is speedwork. I did almost none while training for my first marathon, but I want to fix that and add it into my second marathon training plan.

I figured today was as good a day to start speed training as any.

speed workout

I set my Garmin under the workout menu to alert me at 30 and 10 second intervals. After doing a half-mile warm up, I did 20 repeats of these intervals—running comfortably for 30 seconds and then sprinting for 10. I finished the run with a mile cool down.

It was a good try for speedwork, but I should have made the intervals longer. By the time the Garmin beeped to “get ready” for the sprint, it was already beeping again to alert me a new interval would be starting. I bet there’s a setting to fix that issue.

3.0 speed work

All-in-all I got in almost 3 miles.

Do you have a favorite speedwork workout? PLEASE share it with me! I’m going to start adding in one speed session each week.

So, how did my legs and feet fare? The warm up was a little rough, but after they got moving everything felt good. I had a little bit of discomfort (not pain) in my left foot, so I’ll keep a check on that, but I’m not worried.

I am rocking these cheap compression socks for the rest of the day, though.

compression socks

Maybe someday I’ll buy a real pair!



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