Snowman in March

This morning’s run was interesting.

I was cruising along, legs feeling good, when I see a big white blob in the distance alongside the river. I wondered what it was for a good quarter of a mile before realizing it was a SNOWMAN. In March. On a very green and grassy riverbank. In a town that received no snow in the last year.

snowman in march

Complete with daikon arms, clementine eyes, and carrot horns…

snowman in march closeup

So now I want to know who put it there and why? Such a random prank, but it did make me think and smile the rest of my run.

The rest of the run wasn’t quite as entertaining as stumbling upon a snowman in March, but it was good. I kept my pace comfortable because I have speed work planned for tomorrow.

march 13 3 miles

I’m just getting to a point with running where I’m interested in running more days a week. In the past I’ve stuck with 3 days a week, believing any more than that would lead me straight into Injury’s Arms. But, as I’ve become more experienced with the Vibram Five Fingers I’ve been increasing runs to 4x a week without any problems, even running two days in a row as long as my body feels okay.



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