My first half marathon

This post was originally posted on my personal blog on 9/25/11. I have since transferred it to here.

Check out these feet:

feet post half marathon

Those are the feet of a half-marathoner—me!

This morning I ran the first and only MMAC (Maria, Marc, Ana Christian) Half Marathon. Up at 5 and running at 6:30 a.m.

garmin pre-half marathongarmin post-half marathon

Marc planned a half-marathon out and back and we each ran at our own pace just like it were a race. Turns out we all run a pretty similar pace, though, so Marc, Christian, and I all essentially finished at the same time.

first half marathon

When I left my apartment this morning there was a chill in the air. Biking to the train station ended up being quite cold! Once we got running, though, it was truly the perfect running weather—cool, not humid, and not too sunny.

My legs felt great until around mile 12 when my knees started to feel the impact of all the running I’d done. I think I might need to order a new pair of shoes for long-runs + the actual marathon only. I think my knees would really appreciate some extra cushioning.

I carried my Camelbak full of water, but didn’t even finish it all since the temperature was much cooler than what I’ve been training in lately. I also stopped into a convenience store around mile 1 and grabbed a bag of gummy candies to fuel up with at miles 4.5 and 9. I need to look into a different kind of fuel, though… the gummies were hard to chew + run (Maybe I’m just not coordinated enough?) at the same time.

Any fuel suggestions—I don’t have access to any fancy stuff, so I’m talking candy, etc.—?

putting feet up post run

I crossed the “finish line” at 2:13:33. This was my first half marathon and a new personal distance record for me, so I didn’t have any expectations. Basically, I just wanted to run my ass off, have a good time, and not experience any hip pain. <—It was a huge success and probably my best run EVER.

We waited for Ana to finish and headed to McDonalds to pound breakfast sandwiches as our reward.

post run McDonalds

I had an egg McMuffin, orange juice, and hash brown. I went back and ordered another hash brown and an apple pie. Totally worth those 13 miles for this. ;)

september mount fuji

Had a feeling it was going to be a good run today when I saw Mount Fuji peeking her head out above the clouds. She likes to hide in the summertime, so it felt like a bit of good luck that she chose to show herself today.

maria half-marathoner

There you have it folks, I’m a half-marathoner! Only 8 more weeks until I’ll hopefully become a full marathoner.


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